Malcolm Love - Biography

I am a Brighton based artist working mainly in Oils. A Graduate of The School of Fine Art at Reading University, I have exhibited widely in London and the South East, having a number of works in private collections.I have taught painting and drawing at various levels since the early seventies and was Head of Art at the newly established St;Bede's School in the 1980's.

I have also Lectured for the Workers Educational Association on the History of Art and Architecture and given numerous Demonstrations of painting in oils to Art Societies , At present , though mostly involved with art practice ,I am a visiting Tutor at Wilmington Art Society and offer individual and small group tuition at my studio .

Drawing is central to my work , particularly of the human figure, and I have been strongly involved in the practice of Life Drawing throughout my career . I also conducted research into Strategies for drawing in Art Education for my Masters Degree from Sussex University .

In my more recent painting I have been concerned with developing an original approach to the Still Life genre , responding to the poetry existing in ordinary objects ; more recently still I have combined this pre-occupation with a fresh concern for landscape , returning to earlier themes.